Happy New Year Wishes SMS 2019 for your Lover

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download

Happy New Year Wishes SMS 2019 for your Lover GF BF Download Beautiful and lovely romantic SMS for lovers download Images :- Happy new Year to all of you and Here am going to share some of the best ever SMS for lovers i.e. Girlfriend and Boyfriend , if you want to wish and make your lover happy with New Romantic SMS then you are at right place . You can copy these sms and send them to your loved one.

Happy New Year Wishes SMS 2019 for your Lover

I Will Never Be Complete Without Your Love, Being Closer To Me Makes Me Feel Loved. I Thank God For Giving Me Such A Handsome Gift. It Is Because Of Your Love That Am Happy And Healthy, Happy New Year My Dear.


My Dear, I Have Decided To Store Your Name In My Heart This New Season. It Can Be Destroyed By Insects If I Store It On The Leaves, It Will Be Faded If I Write It On A Piece Of Paper, Happy New Year To You.


To my dearest loved one, may your New Year celebration be full of fervor and happiness and your life bloom up with a thousand good opportunities.


I have sent some permanent guests for you – they are love, health, wealth and happiness – and made them promise that they would stay with you forever after.


Another year is about to start and I am excited to be able to welcome it next to you. I am very grateful to you for having your love and for how wonderful you are. Happy New Year love!

Happy New Year SMS 2019 for GF BF Download


Thanks to your love I have been able to discovered that life is wonderful; together we will welcome the coming year and hope that it brings us many more happy moments. I wish you a happy new year with all my love.


This New Year I wish that you leave behind all grudges, fears, sorrow, anger or regret and move on to make a fresh beginning that is full of brightness, joy and gaiety.


You are a wonderful woman with many virtues and that is why you deserve only the best. This year I will make my best effort to make you very happy and for our love to become even greater. I wish you all the best.

New Year Emotional Quotes – Happy New Year 2019 Messages

New Year 2019 Emotional inspirational Quotes Download – Happy New Year 2019 Messages – Last year’s festival went all now look forward to the New Year festivals. Get ready to give life to the pages of the New Year, Every single page to revive. This moment comes once a year so your first day decides how your whole year has passed. How many people were with you in your life and how you betrayed, these words give life meaning because we learn from them what is right and wrong. Some memories of last year’s leave some laugh and some tear-jerker.

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download
Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download

We are disappointed by remembering old memories that become us emotional. Something similar memories to be fresh we brought you some New Year emotional quotes, inspirational New Year quotes, emotional new year messages, emotional new year wishes 2019, emotional new year sms and much more and for grab all these type of messages you have to little scroll down this page and you get the interesting emotional new year quotes, latest emotional new year messages, best emotional new year quotes and messages. So please do not be late will this chance does not go out of hand.


New Year Emotional Quotes – Happy New Year 2019 Messages

Whether we do anything like working, sleeping or doing anything let us enjoy it from the depth of our heart. It is also a fact that the things we do with satisfaction and enjoyment gives better result. So, amaze your life with Happy New Year 2019 Emotional Quotes, New Year Festival Emotional Wishes & Messages.


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”
― Alfred Tennyson


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”
― Oprah Winfrey



“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”

(Little Gidding)”
― T.S. Eliot


“May Light always surround you;
Hope kindle and rebound you.
May your Hurts turn to Healing;
Your Heart embrace Feeling.
May Wounds become Wisdom;
Every Kindness a Prism.
May Laughter infect you;
Your Passion resurrect you.
May Goodness inspire
your Deepest Desires.
Through all that you Reach For,
May your arms Never Tire.”
― D. Simone



“Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.


Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious, and subconscious level. Goals give our life direction.


Write it down. Take a piece of paper, a few hours of your time, and write it all down – as an affirmation of you, your life, and your ability to choose. Then let it go.
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”
― Melody Beattie, The Language of Letting Go: Daily Meditations on Codependency


“May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early! My own plan is to swear off every kind of virtue, so that I triumph even when I fall!”
― Aleister Crowley, Moonchild



“The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.”
― G.K. Chesterton, A Chesterton calendar



“This is the new year the new you. You can pass through another year, coasting on cruise control. Or you can step out of your comfort zone, trying things you have never done before, & make 2012 as the year that you elevate from where you are & soar high. Make it happen!”
― Pablo



“Many things are thrown our way in this game of life. It’s how you deal with them that shows your true character. I want all of you to feel the hope, love & passion I feel for the upcoming year & the rest of my life. I want ALL of you to not only go for your dreams, but have a damn ass good time doing it! Love & Warmth, May ♥”
― May Water/May B. Wilde


“Each age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer.”
― Walter Scott


“The great miraculous bell of translucent ice is suspended in mid-air.

It rings to announce endings and beginnings. And it rings because there is fresh promise and wonder in the skies.

Its clear tones resound in the placid silence of the winter day, and echo long into the silver-blue serenity of night.

The bell can only be seen at the turning of the year, when the days wind down into nothing, and get ready to march out again.

When you hear the bell, you feel a tug at your heart.

It is your immortal inspiration.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration



“Past and Present I know well; each is a friend and sometimes an enemy to me. But it is the quiet, beckoning Future, an absolute stranger, with whom I have fallen madly in love.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich



“Although I’ve been thoroughly conditioned by pain to see it otherwise, an ending is nothing more than the backside of a beginning.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough


“The road ahead is not some predetermined path that I am forced to trod, but it is a rich byway that I can help create.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download  :- First of all i wanna wish you a very very Happy New year to you and your family. May this year brings joys and enjoyment in your life . 31st is just few days away and its time to make some noise and Play some Happy New Year 2018 DJ Songs Download on your mobile and Woofer to enjoy and celebrate this new year. Every year people globally eagerly wait for New Year to come so that they can celebrate or make this day more fascinating.

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes :-  You can send these happy New year 2019 wishes to your family members , Brothers , sisters , lovers , wife, husband , etc. People all around the world are collecting New Year 2019 wishes messages, New Year 2019 wallpaper, New Year 2019 jokes, New Year 2019 quotes etc and here am going to share all of them with you on our site

Happy New Year 2019 SMS Wishes Images Download

Remembering the warm hugs, Oh dear friend;
Here are my wishes with all my love I send.
May your sorrows drown and there’re no tears;
Missing you and sending wishes of Happy New Year

As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and,

Difficulties also end with this year and 2019,

Bring success and desired results for you!”



New Days, New Time, New Moments
Ahead Are Waiting For You, May
These 365 Days Light Up Your Life,
Happy New Year!

Advance Happy New Year 2019 Wishes in Tamil

The best Pranayam:
Exhale the Past without any Regret,
Inhale the Future without much Expectation,
Hold the Present with Pleasure.
And then Enjoy 2019


As You Log Out Of Last Year
And Login To This New Year,
I Wish To Send You Happy New Year Wishes
Full Of Success, Prosperity, Happiness And Joy.
May This Be A Year Of Change Unto Your Life
May God Give You Protection And Good Health
So That You Live To See Other Years To Come

Happy New Year Wishes for Boyfriends 2019

“As the New Year renews all the happiness and good tidings,

Hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever,

Happy New Year 2019!”


New is the year, new are the hopes, and new is the resolution,

New are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you,

Have a promising and fulfilling New Year 2019 ”

Happy New Year Facebook whatsapp Status 2019

“On the New Year ’s Day, I wish that we may walk all the paths of life hand in hand giving strength to each other.”

“There is very little I can ask from God this New Year as He was kind enough to have sent me the best possible gift already – You!”

“Your love has made each day of my life a magical one. So, as New Year commences, my humble tribute to you are the three magic words – I love you.”

“My New Year will be brighter and happier since you hold the key to my heart, and I know you’d always handle your belonging with care.”

“This New Year God sent an Angel my way to make the world a blissful place for me to be in, and that Angel is You!”


Happy New Year 2017 Hindi Shayari | Naya Saal Mubarak Wishes SMS Free download

Naya Saal Aap Ke Jeevan Me,
Sare Dukho’onk Ko Mar De,
Sare Sukho’onk Ko Janam De,
Aur Aap Ko Unnat Kar De…
Happy New Year 2019

Gul Ne Gulshan Se Gulfam Bheja H,
Sitaro Ne Aasma Se Salam Bheja H,
Mubarak Ho Aapko Naya Saal,
Hum Ne Ye Advance Mein Ye Paigam Bheja H.
Happy New Year!!!

Naya Saal Mubarak !!
Kya Bharosa
Mobile Ka. Battery ka
Charger Ka
Network Ka
Balance Ka
Life ka
Time Ka
Is Liye Meri Taraf Se
Advance Main
Naya Saal Mubarak 2019